Things of Interest Goes Secure

29 July 2018DesignTechnology

As you might have already noticed, over the past week I’ve spent some time migrating Things of Interest from a web server that used a regular unsecured HTTP connection to one that uses HTTPS. While there isn’t any particular reason that our visitors would need to keep their connection to this site private, it is now industry best practice and serving pages via HTTPS can apparently help with getting higher Google search rankings.

Since changing a website from HTTP to HTTPS is a fairly significant task, I also took the opportunity to switch web hosts at the same time. Things of Interest is now hosted on a cloud platform designed specifically for WordPress sites (the blogging software that powers the site), so you should notice a much more responsive site. As an added advantage, the host can automatically scale the resources dedicated to Things of Interest and that should allow us to grow over time and help us handle any temporary traffic surges more smoothly.

Finally, you also might have noticed a slight change to the design of the site — it was pretty subtle so you’re forgiven if you didn’t notice anything. With all the changes going on behind the scenes, it seemed appropriate to also give some love to the stuff people actually see.