31 May 2018iOS

Ulisti is a new app, available free on the App Store, created by yours truly.

For the past few months I’ve been working on it in my spare time, and I would really appreciate if you gave it a try. As this is version 1.0 there are still some bugs that I need your help in identifying and squashing, but more importantly I’d love to hear what you think works well, what needs improvement, and what features you’d like to see added next. I have a lot of ideas of my own for future enhancements, but I think version 1.0 is a decent starting point.

Here’s a brief overview of the app:

Ulisti is a simple and powerful way to make lists and keep them organized.

With Ulisti you can:
• Make rankings and countdowns of your top 10 favorite movies or the best restaurants in town
• Make checklists for your weekly groceries or important reminders
• Make alphabetically sorted lists for your recipe catalogue
• Make lists with custom ordering so you can control exactly what goes where
• Store photos, descriptions, notes, tags, and links along with your list items
• Sync everything to the cloud

With support for multiple list types, Ulisti replaces the need for several other apps. With useful features like clipboard awareness, you can quickly add photos or links to your list items. And with an ambitious feature roadmap, this is just the beginning!