Ontario minister refuses to release man from solitary who’s spent four years in isolation

25 October 2016Politics

Adrian Morrow and Patrick White, writing for The Globe and Mail:

The minister in charge of Ontario’s prisons will not release from solitary confinement an inmate who has spent four years in isolation without trial despite a growing chorus of voices demanding action.

Community Safety Minister David Orazietti is under pressure to let Adam Capay, a 23-year-old First Nations man, out of the Plexiglas-lined cell at the Thunder Bay Jail where he is confined alone under 24-hour-a-day artificial light.

Mr. Capay was charged in 2012 with killing another inmate in a fight, and has not yet come to trial.

I read this story a few minutes after watching a Lonely Planet video showcasing Canada as the top pick in their Best in Travel 2017 list. In their description of our country, Lonely Planet highlights Canada’s “reputation for inclusiveness and impeccable politeness.” Perhaps someone should forward that link to the Ontario Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services.

An online petition is collecting signatures and requesting the end to the inhuman treatment of inmate Adam Capay.