Hockey Night in Canada: How CBC lost it all

1 December 2014Sports

David Shoalts, writing for The Globe and Mail:

The victors strode into the CBC’s Toronto headquarters at 250 Front St. West on June 1 in an especially humiliating denouement for what was left of the public network’s sports department and its version of Hockey Night In Canada.

Not only had Rogers Communications Inc. wrenched the Canadian national broadcast rights to NHL games from the CBC’s grasp with a stunning $5.2-billion payout over the next 12 years, but the Visigoths were actually at the gate. Part of the ensuing deal, in which those in charge of the CBC meekly handed over the company’s airwaves for free, was that the Rogers people connected to Hockey Night, along with some people hired from rival TSN, would use the CBC’s studios and take over the show’s office space on the north side of the eighth floor – the plushest in the building thanks to the show’s status as the network’s biggest money spinner.

Quite a story. It’s hard to see how the CBC could have possibly struck a deal with the NHL when the competition was offering more than $12 per Canadian per year. It will be interesting to see if Rogers is able to monetize their new-found hockey monopoly.

(Via The Loop)