Get Natural Scrolling in Windows Without Administrator Access

29 September 2014OpinionTechnology

I use a Mac at home but a PC running Windows 7 at work. By default, the two operating systems scroll in the opposite direction in response to the same mouse input and trying to switch between the two is maddening. I prefer the ‘natural’ scrolling on OS X but Windows 7 doesn’t provide a way to flip its scrolling direction without administrator access. This created a frustrating situation when I.T. refused to edit any registry settings or install uncertified third-party software.

Thankfully, I stumbled onto a simple solution today that works without Administrator access:

Long story short, download this, run it and you should be experiencing natural scrolling in its full glory.

If you like it, feel free to stick it in your Startup folder. If you don’t, feel free to press the Delete key. If you don’t feel like running some random .exe, get the AutoHotKey script from here and make your own.