Emmy-nominated Apple ad a real family affair

28 July 2014AppleTelevision

Paula Simons, writing for the Edmonton Journal about Apple’s ‘Misunderstood‘ Christmas ad which has been nominated for a Creative Arts Emmy Award:

Indeed, Ippolito recruited his entire extended family to appear in the Apple ad: his in-laws, three siblings, his sister-in-law, his cousin, his nieces and nephews. In all, 23 members of the Ippolito and MacKenzie clans, ranging in age from nine months to 64 years, took part in the shoot — not including the two family dogs.

“This wasn’t Take Your Kid to Work Day. It was take your entire family to work day. It was pretty cool. It was an amazing thing.”


Maybe that’s why the ad was so moving. That’s genuine family affection we see — and genuine Alberta winter fun.

A well-deserved nomination and very interesting to learn more about the family featured in the ad. If you’re interested, you can see the five nominated ads here.


Apple won.