Why Aereo’s Loss Hurts the TV Industrial Complex in the Long Run

26 June 2014Television

Peter Kafka, writing for Re/code:

Now we’re back to a world where the only incentive the TV guys have to move faster is the nagging fear that their growth has permanently stalled, and that their subscription rolls will decline as new generations of video-watchers enter a world where paying for TV seems ridiculous.

That group of “cord-nevers” hasn’t grown big enough to show up on the TV Industrial Complex’s books yet. But it’s hard to imagine it won’t get there. Any sane TV executive knows that, and is also betting that it won’t show up for years to come, when it will be someone else’s problem.

If Aereo were around to make them move faster, it could be better for them — and their customers — in the long run. But they’ll be sticking with lucrative business as usual for now. Pretty sure we’ve seen this show before.

A more comprehensive version of the argument I was making yesterday.