The Great Smartphone War

9 June 2014Apple

Kurt Eichenwald, writing for Vanity Fair:

Across Samsung, the message was heard: the company needed to come out with its own “iPhone”—something beautiful and easy to use with just that dollop of “cool”—and fast. Emergency teams were thrown together, and for three months designers and engineers worked under enormous pressure. For some employees, the work was so demanding they got only two to three hours of sleep a night.

By March 2, the company’s Product Engineering Team had completed a feature-by-feature analysis of the iPhone, comparing it to the Samsung smartphone under construction. The group assembled a 132-page report for their bosses, explaining in detail every way the Samsung phone fell short. A total of 126 instances were found where the Apple phone was better.

There is using someone’s prior work for inspiration and then there is outright copying; and then there is forming emergency teams that work for months with little sleep to analyze every aspect of a competitor’s product, detailing their findings in 132-page reports.

I was familiar with the allegations that Samsung copied Apple’s products, but until reading this article I was unaware of the scope of their questionable business practices: copying competitors’ products, patent infringement, counter-suing, illegal price fixing, allegations of bribery, money laundering, evidence tampering, and theft.

(Via The Loop)