Music Monday – Lesser Known ‘Coldplay’

19 May 2014Music

Coldplay’s new album Ghost Stories was released this week and I love it. It is a brisk 43 minute album that is somewhat reminiscent of their old work on Parachutes but also seems to echo the sounds of of Bon Iver and Avicii, the latter who produced the band’s first dance track A Sky Full of Stars.

Coldplay have become huge global artists with very accessible music and with this has come much criticism. It is no longer cool to say you like Coldplay because they are just too mainstream, or as someone once said to me, “They are a poor man’s Radiohead.”

To refute this mainstream accusation, I would like to share some of my favourite lesser known Coldplay songs:

Coldplay’s album Parachutes (2000) is known largely for one of their most famous singles Yellow, which brought the band its first international attention. One of my favourite songs from this album is Sparks, a beautiful love song that features the simplicity of their early work.

2002’s A Rush of Blood to the Head is probably my favourite Coldplay album to date. The title track A Rush of Blood to the Head is just fantastic and is similar to the lead track on the album, Politik, another one of my favourite songs.

Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends (2008) is my second favourite Coldplay album. The semi-title track Death and All His Friends is possibly my favourite song of theirs. It follows the classic Coldplay song formula that builds into a dramatic climax. I love how the song relies on instrumentals more than vocals, something that Coldplay has experimented with on their last few albums.