Delete2Archive for OS X 10.9.3

15 May 2014Apple

Earlier today, Apple released OS X 10.9.3, the third major update to Mavericks.

As was done for prior versions of the operating system, I’ve released a new version of Delete2Archive that is compatible with the latest update. Follow the installation instructions and download the new version of the plugin from the main Delete2Archive page.

Although I’ve updated the plugin for compatibility with 10.9.3, I recommend that you test your system without Delete2Archive before upgrading it to see if you actually still need it. After Apple released OS X 10.9.2 in February, I received several messages from Gmail users stating that they no longer needed Delete2Archive because the old delete key behaviour in Mail had been restored. After testing their theory by running Mail for the past three months without Delete2Archive, I am confident that Apple has indeed restored the ability to archive Gmail messages using the delete key in Mail.

Everyone’s Mac setup is slightly different, so for that reason I will continue to maintain the plugin. It shouldn’t be necessary to install Delete2Archive, but it will be available for those that still need it.