Parse updates its pricing model

13 May 2014Technology

Ilya Sukhar, writing on the Parse Blog:

Moving forward, there won’t be different ‘tiers’ of Parse. There’s only one type of Parse account and you can have an unlimited number of apps or games within it. For each of those apps, you get the following:

  • Parse Core
    • 30 api requests per second (+ $100 per additional 10 reqs/sec)
    • 20GB of file storage (+ $0.03 per GB over)
    • 20GB of database storage
    • 2TB of file transfer (+ $0.10 per GB over)
  • Parse Push
    • 1 million unique recipients/month (+$0.05 per 1,000 unique recipients over)
    • Advanced push targeting, push scheduling, and multiple push certificates available to everyone for free!
  • Parse Analytics
    • Completely free! (including advanced analytics)

This looks like a pretty generous expansion of Parse’s free pricing tier, although it might not work out too well for apps that receive sporadic bursts of high activity. In any event, it’s nice to see that Parse is still receiving attention post Facebook acquisition.