Music Monday – Miguel’s ‘Simple Things’

28 April 2014MusicTelevision

I discovered Miguel’s song Simple Things via Songza, a free music streaming and recommendation service. There is a Songza app for both the iPhone and iPad and my favourite playlist is Blogged 50, which introduced me to Simple Things.

The song is as smooth as Miguel’s hit Adorn and includes an infectious guitar riff that is hard to forget.

I went to download Simple Things through iTunes but the song is from the soundtrack Girls, Vol. 2: All Adventerous Women Do (Music from the HBO Original Series) and you have to buy the entire album to get the song. So I have had to resort to listening to the song on repeat through YouTube and SoundCloud. HBO’s Girls is definitely a show on my need to watch at some point list but I am not willing to pay the $40 per season that iTunes is currently charging. However, I am encouraged by HBO’s recent licensing deal with Amazon to make some of their content available to stream through Amazon Prime Instant Video, which would include Girls at some point. Unfortunately, this service is not currently available in Canada.