Spoiler Shield

27 April 2014iOS

John-Michael Bond, writing for TUAW:

Spoiler Shield is a free iOS app that allows you to scan your Facebook and Twitter feeds without worrying about unintentionally finding out who killed who this week.

When you’re viewing your feeds with the app, any post that matches your specified “shields” appears blocked, with the option to reveal the devious text if you’d like.

This is a fantastic idea, and having been the victim of a few social media spoilers myself, I was initially tempted to try it. But in the end, using a third-party app to access Facebook and Twitter without spoilers seemed too inconvenient.

The real (and most elegant) solution to this problem is getting spoiler-filtering integrated right into Facebook and Twitter themselves. I guess we’ll just have to wait for Mark or Jack to get the season finales of their favourite shows ruined before we’ll see something like that.