Music Monday – Chris Malinchak’s ‘So Good to Me’

21 April 2014MusicRadioTechnology

I have been listening to Chris Malinchak’s So Good to Me for the past two weeks and can’t get this song out of my head. It has been a great addition to my running playlist.

This is the official video for the song, although I prefer the radio edit.

I discovered this song when I was at a friend’s place a couple of weeks ago. He was playing an internet radio stream through his Apple TV of NPR’s flagship station for Southern California and Los Angeles KCRW. When the song came on I pulled out my iPhone and used Shazam (one of the best mobile applications ever made, in my opinion) to instantly identify the song. Thinking of how I was able to discover this song from a radio station in California that was streaming over the internet on a home television screen, and how I was able to identify and purchase the song instantly through my mobile phone, just kind of blows my mind.

This experience brings me back to 1992 when I was trying to record Snow’s Informer (don’t worry my musical tastes have evolved) on Edmonton’s Power 92 by having to simultaneously hit a record and play button on my radio/cassette player. I also had to time it just right to ensure that I didn’t get the DJ’s voice introducing the song on the recording. If I missed it or screwed up the recording I would have to wait another hour or two until the next time they played it. Also, I would sometimes have to guess who the artist was and the name of the song as the DJ didn’t always announce it and I didn’t have Google to search. I have to say my brother and I became pretty efficient at making tapes of our favourite songs from radio, although I definitely prefer today’s method more.