Recommended Income Tax Software for Mac

20 March 2014Finance

If you haven’t already filed your 2013 Canadian income tax return and you’re looking for tax preparation software, I would highly recommend taking a look at TaxFreeway. Despite having one of the ugliest websites on the Internet and an equally unimpressive application user interface, I really like TaxFreeway for the following reasons:

  • It runs on a Mac (and Windows, and iPad).
  • Your data is not stored in the cloud; your sensitive tax information remains under your control.
  • It is very affordable (cost for up to 20 returns: $14.95 for Mac; $9.95 for Windows; $19.95 for Mac, Windows, and iPad).
  • You can complete your entire return for free, paying only when you are ready to submit to CRA.
  • It walks you through an interview while simultaneously showing the relevant CRA tax forms, so you can see where your data is going and how each entry affects your taxes. This might be viewed as a detriment by others, but I very much appreciate the detail it provides.
  • The developers are responsive to support queries. After using the 2011 version of TaxFreeway, I requested a feature and they incorporated it into their 2012 release.

TaxFreeway certainly isn’t the most beautiful tax preparation software available, but it works very well for my needs, it’s available for Mac, and it’s inexpensive.