Silicon Valley’s Youth Problem

16 March 2014Technology

Yiren Lu, a graduate student in computer science, writing for The New York Times Magazine:

Recently, an engineer at a funded-to-the-gills start-up in San Francisco texted me to grumble about his company’s software architecture. Its code base was bug-ridden and disorganized — yet the business was enjoying tremendous revenue and momentum. “Never before has the idea itself been powerful enough that one can get away with a lacking implementation,” he wrote. His remark underscores a change wrought by the new guard that the old guard will have to adapt to. Tech is no longer primarily technology driven; it is idea driven.

A lengthly but interesting perspective on Silicon Valley start-ups. Having recently spent time implementing Stripe payment processing on this site1, I found the insight provided into that start-up particularly engaging.

  1. I recently implemented a Stripe-powered “donate to download” option for my Delete2Archive plugin. In a prior life, I spent countless hours integrating PayPal payments into a membership system. Stripe’s user-friendly API is orders of magnitude less complicated to get up and running and keeps customers on my site while they complete a credit card transaction. No wonder it has a current valuation of $2 billion.