Jesse Willms, the Dark Lord of the Internet

27 January 2014Technology

Taylor Clark, writing for The Atlantic:

When we use the term con artist, we typically place the emphasis on the first word while forgetting the implications of the second: that there is, after all, a real art to fleecing people. And no matter whether you believe Willms deserves a marble bust in the scamming pantheon, there is little question that he was something of a virtuoso—a Web wunderkind. By the time he’d built and lost his first fortune, Willms was still just a teenager, but the experience taught him something important: what it would take to really make a killing on the Internet.

A very well written article profiling one of the sleaziest entrepreneurs out there. I’m not sure what surprised me more: Jesse Willms’ complete lack of ethics or the nonexistent controls at web giants like Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft that allow scumbags like him to operate.