When ‘60 Minutes’ Checks Its Journalistic Skepticism at the Door

26 January 2014Opinion

David Carr, writing for The New York Times back in December:

Historically, the news that “60 Minutes” was in the lobby or on the phone has struck fear in the hearts of both the stalwart and the venal. The show made its targets quake and audiences thrill as it did the hard, often amazing work of creating consequence and accountability.

But in the last few months, there have been significant lapses into credulousness, when reporters have been more “gee whiz” than “what gives?” The news that “60 Minutes” is calling could be viewed as less ominous and more of an opportunity. More than once this year, the show has traded skepticism for access.

I’ve always enjoyed 60 Minutes but haven’t had access to it since giving up cable last spring. I hope the recent series of issues are a temporary blip rather than a sign of a permanent deterioration of their journalistic integrity.