Always use expanded Save dialogs in OS X

18 December 2013Apple

Rob Griffiths, writing for Macworld:

But the last thing I do with a new application is always the same: I select File: Save, even though I have no intention of saving whatever it was I had created.

Why, you might ask? Because I find the default OS X Save (and Save As) dialog to be one of the less user-friendly aspects of OS X. In its default state, the Save dialog lets you give your file a name, and you’re apparently restricted to saving your file only in some number of pre-defined locations available in the Where pop-up menu. But the listed locations are basically useless; how often do you really want to save something to the top-level of one of your hard drives?


If you also prefer the expanded save box, you can make the change yourself with one simple Terminal command.

This tweak has spared me from much frustration when saving documents in OS X. Unfortunately, selecting “Move To…” from the File menu still displays a small and unhelpful dialog box by default, and I can’t find a similar Terminal command to change its default behaviour.