Delete2Archive for OS X 10.9.1

16 December 2013Apple

Earlier today, Apple released OS X 10.9.1, the first major update to Mavericks:

This update includes:

  • Improved support for Gmail in OS X Mail, and fixes for users with custom Gmail settings Improves the reliability of Smart Mailboxes and search in Mail

Unfortunately, despite the update, Mavericks still doesn’t support proper Gmail message archiving like what is available in the iOS versions of Mail. For those using the Delete2Archive plugin that I developed to address this shortcoming, you’ll be greeted with the following warning message when launching Mail for the first time after upgrading to OS X 10.9.1:

Incompatible Mail Plugin Disabled

In response, I’ve released a new version of Delete2Archive that is compatible with OS X 10.9.1. Follow the installation instructions and download the new version of the plugin from the original Delete2Archive post.