Macy’s begins pilot test of Apple’s iBeacon in flagship stores

20 November 2013iOS

Kevin Fitchard, writing for Gigaom:

When Apple rolled iOS 7 in June, it quietly included a proximity-based service called iBeacon, which Gigaom contributor Hari Gottipati predicted would become a force in retail and location-based services. It didn’t take long for retailers to get wise to iBeacon as well.

On Wednesday, Shopkick announced a new service called ShopBeacon that uses Apple’s technology to track customers when they enter and move around in stores. Macy’s is ShopBeacon’s first trial partner.

I see no benefit from receiving these types of in-store promotions – who wants to look at yet another advertisement? – and I certainly don’t want a retailer tracking my movements while I’m in their stores. iBeacon technology would be great for providing customers with indoor maps – how do I get to the electronics department? what isle is the spaghetti sauce in? – but unfortunately it sounds like that’s not the direction Macy’s is headed with their implementation.