Making ‘Gravity’

6 October 2013Movies

Marlow Stern, writing about Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity for the Daily Beast:

Finally, the duo came up with the idea of rotating lights around a stationary actor to make it appear as if he or she was moving around rapidly. They developed a 9-by-14-foot “light box,” nicknamed “The Cage” and lined with six giant LED panels composed of, he says, “millions of lights,” which surrounded the actors, who were held up by harnesses that appeared invisible on screen. Then they designed “a race track” outside The Cage where a car-manufacturing robot with a camera installed inside would race around it and pop its arm inside various openings, to recreate the effect of floating and spinning around in space. The background, meanwhile, was added in post-production.

This was a beautiful and completely captivating film – well worth seeing in theatre in 3-D. The lighting, reflections, and sense of weightlessness are amazing. Go see it, but if possible avoid watching any of the trailers beforehand.