Apple Refunds ‘Breaking Bad: The Final Season’ Purchases

24 September 2013Television

Bryan Bishop, reporting for The Verge:

Breaking Bad’s fifth and final season was split into two eight-episode halves, each airing a year apart. However, when those episodes were sold through online services like Amazon and iTunes they were made available separately, under the names “Season 5” and “The Final Season.” Because of the change, users that had purchased season-long bundles for the first eight had to pay a second time for the final set of episodes. Considering AMC had marketed the show as one, drawn-out season, there was reason to expect that an iTunes Season Pass, for example, should cover all 16; one fan was so outraged that he actually filed a lawsuit against Apple earlier this month.

As someone who purchased both parts of the final Breaking Bad season through iTunes, this is a nice surprise. I always assumed I would have to pay for each half of the season separately, but I can see why some people were confused or upset. Apple definitely made the right PR choice here, and by providing iTunes store credit instead of full refunds, it likely doesn’t cost them as much.

I’m curious if Apple is getting anything back from AMC, or if Apple is just absorbing the costs themselves?