The Journey That a New iPhone Takes from China to You

13 September 2013Apple

Adam Satariano, reporting for Bloomberg:

The logistics for a new gadget start months before it is unveiled, said the people with knowledge of the process. Apple first coordinates flights and trucks to move components from suppliers to assembly plants in China. Teams from sales, marketing, operations and finance collaborate to forecast how many devices the company expects to sell, said the people.


Before Apple’s formal unveiling on stage, iPhones are shipped to distribution centers around the world, including Australia, China, the Czech Republic, Japan, Singapore, the U.K. and the U.S., said one of the people with knowledge of the matter. Security personnel are with the devices every step of the way, from truck depots, airports, customs and storage warehouses until the product is finally unveiled, two people said.

To win in the consumer electronics game, you have to not only come out with the latest and greatest technology before your competitions, but you also have to be able to get those new devices in the hands of impatient customers as soon as possible.

Apple’s scale in procurement and distribution is impressive.

As a small aside, I wonder how Apple feels about Bloomberg’s spelling of ‘IPhone’ in the article’s headline?