Apple Keynote Checker

9 September 2013Apple

Apple holds a handful of special events each year to introduce new products and services. The events are highly rehearsed and full of Apple marketing, but I enjoy watching them. However, if I’m going to sit through what is essentially a two-hour advertisement, I don’t like having the various surprises spoiled in advance.

So, on the day of an Apple event, I try my best to avoid Apple blogs, news broadcasts, and social media. I then wait patiently for Apple to publish a link to the video of the event on their website.

The free Keynote Checker is a great resource, allowing one to jump right to an event video once it is published without first having to search Apple’s spoiler-ridden website.

Apple will be holding an event tomorrow where it is wildly expected to unveil the next model of iPhone. Hopefully there a few extra surprises as well.