Steve Ballmer Failed to Take Microsoft Beyond the PC

25 August 2013Technology

Aaron Ricadela and Adam Satariano, profiling outgoing Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer for Bloomberg:

Ballmer’s tenure hasn’t worked out well for shareholders, either. An investment of $1,000 when Ballmer took over is now worth 13 percent less, including dividend returns, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

While I think it is fair to criticize Steve Ballmer for his lack of vision and inability to keep Microsoft relevant as the World became mobile, the above statistic is a bit misleading. Ballmer took over the top job at Microsoft in 2000 just before the dot-com bubble burst, so the starting point for the above calculation was drastically inflated.

Misleading statistic aside, the article is still an interesting read and pairs well with the recent profile of current Apple CEO Tim Cook.