Contest Winner Receives Prize 17 Years Late

17 August 2013Reading

Rachel Tepper, writing for The Huffington Post:

Seventeen years ago, James Barnard was 11 years old and living in the village of Scamblesby, Lincolnshire in the U.K. Upon purchasing a pack of Polo mints, which are made by Nestlé, Barnard discovered that one was colored green — a sign that he’d won £10 ($15.57) in a contest the brand was running called “The Golden Polo.”

Barnard mailed the mint to Nestlé, as directed, and patiently awaited the arrival of his prize. But his £10 never showed up, and Barnard forgot about the contest entirely. Until recently, that is.

Mr. Barnard should have asked for some interest. That £10 prize earning 5% interest a year for 17 years would be worth just under £23 today.