The Spoiler Pledge

14 August 2013Opinion

Last night, I regrettably checked Facebook before bed and had the latest episode of one of my favourite reality shows spoiled by a friend’s status update.

I rarely watch live TV anymore, preferring to record things and watch them the next day without any commercials. But as TV becomes more social, it is increasingly risky to use Facebook or Twitter if you aren’t completely up-to-date on everything.

So in an attempt to make the world a little more spoiler-free, I am taking the following pledge:

I respect my friends, family, and coworkers. I want them to enjoy television and films as much as I do. I will therefore refrain from posting spoilers on social media that would deprive others from the same experience that I enjoyed. As a courtesy to others, in cases where I must post something, I will clearly mark it as a spoiler.

For those (hopefully) rare cases where one needs to post a spoiler, my recommendation is to start the post with [SPOILER]. If we all start using this same syntax, perhaps the brilliant engineers at Facebook and Twitter can integrate some level of spoiler-filtering into their platforms, thereby making the world a better, more spoiler-free place.

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