Should you even take a camera on holiday?

30 July 2013PhotographyTravel

Finlo Rohrer writing for the BBC News Magazine Monitor blog:

“The quest to photograph has become a substitute for the experience itself,” says Sophie Grove, of Monocle magazine. “This quest to catalogue and archive your holiday – it’s almost irresistible when you’re there with your exciting new camera,” she told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

With their constant snapping, people are diminishing their memories, she suggests. “By producing a camera, suddenly you are once removed from the scene.”

I learned this the hard way once at a fireworks display. I spent so much of the event trying to capture the moment – not a single photo turned out by the way – that I forgot to stop and enjoy myself. I’ve since tried to be more discriminating when deciding when to take photos, but it’s very challenging for fear of missing that perfect shot.