Right-to-die man awaits court ruling

30 July 2013HealthReading

BBC News:

Mr Lamb, from Leeds, has been almost completely paralysed from the neck down since a car accident 23 years ago and says he is in constant pain.

Unable to end his own life, he wants a court ruling that any doctor who helped him die would have a defence against the charge of murder.

23 years of suffering with no way to end things himself. A ruling on the matter is expected tomorrow.


Paul Lamb loses his court appeal:

“I am absolutely gutted by the decision. I was hoping for a humane and dignified end. This judgment does not give me that.

“I will carry on the legal fight – this is not just about me but about many, many other people who are being denied the right to die a humane and dignified death just because the law is too scared to grapple with these issues.”

Sad news, but not unexpected.