Aereo gets help from Time Warner Cable and Comcast

24 July 2013Television

Greg Sandoval writing for The Verge:

Aereo’s quest to use the internet to deliver live TV to customers without requiring them to pay hefty cable fees is riding a wave of good news.

The web TV service has received some assistance from Time Warner Cable (TWC) and indirectly from Comcast, two important partners of the broadcasters that have tried to sue Aereo out of existence.

Aereo, if you haven’t already heard, is a tech company that builds data centres full of tiny TV antennas. For a small monthly fee, customers gain access to one of the antennas and can then pull high-quality television content over the internet. It is an ideal solution for potential cord-cutters that don’t want to go to the effort of researching and installing an HDTV antenna of their own.

If the cable companies (and their regulators) embraced the internet, a company like Aereo would never have started in the first place. Instead, we still have archaic channel bundles and pricing schemes which increasingly drive customers (especially younger ones) to seek out more compelling alternatives.