Pricey ‘action plan’ TV ads had little impact, survey finds

22 July 2013OpinionPolitics

The Canadian Press via CBC News:

But a survey of 2,003 adult Canadians completed in April identified just three people who actually visited the website.


And among the few people who took action, nine said all they did was complain or “express displeasure” about the 30-second TV spots, dismissed by critics as thinly veiled Conservative propaganda.


The government has already spent about $113 million on action plan promotion in the last four years, and in May issued a tender for more such ads over the next year, and perhaps running to 2016.

I become increasingly aggravated each time I see another one of these “Action Plan” ads, and have often wondered how much they are costing tax payers. Well, now I have an answer: $113 million and counting.

From what I can tell, the only economic stimulus resulting from this so-called plan is a temporarily boost to advertising revenues for media companies. $113 million could have gone a long long way in supporting other government programs.

Rick Mercer had a rant about this very topic in 2011 – I can only imagine what he’s thinking now, more than two years later.

For those looking to “take action,” there is an online petition requesting that Prime Minister Harper halt spending on promotion of his government’s economic policies.